Spirits of New Orleans

  • Spirits of New Orleans

Spirits of New Orleans


Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends, and Cities of the Dead

Hop In and Hang On for New Orleans's Grandest Ghost Hunt!

New Orleanians love their city so much that some of them stick around even after they should cross over to the Great Beyond. Ghost hunter Kala Ambrose takes you to 39 haunted places where you can see or hear these ghostly residents for yourself. 

In Spirits of New Orleans, the author guides you to haunted homes and alleys, to cemeteries and hotels, to restaurants, bars, stores, and any other place where people have reported paranormal experiences.


  • a historical overview of the haunted place
  • the story of ghostly happenings in that place
  • advice on visiting the place yourself – if you dare


Kala Ambrose