Kathy & Ellen

Artists of Elements is the seed of an idea planted and nurtured by artisan Ellen Newbauer and CPA Kathy Cregan.

A master woodworker, Ellen was inspired to create a collaborative space for artisans of all kinds, hence “the gathering place” in the logo.

 “I hope to engage and dialogue with people. The elements of art are basic, and we all learn them in school as children: Line, shape, form, color.  As an artist and artisans, we mix the principals of form, design, space and ultimately create a moving point to communicate thoughts using a common language.”

— Ellen Newbauer




More Than Just A Gallery

Founded July 2020, this space is dedicated to establishing an open community that fosters art, education, collaboration, and inspiration for all. The collaborative space will provide opportunities for conversation, engaging the community through classes, a music on the lawn series, community networking events, a gallery space for a featured monthly artist, and much more.


 Artists of Elements strives to be a gathering place to foster
the arts of all forms.

"The place where expressions unite community.



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4746 22nd Ave S.
Saint Petersburg, FL  33711

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