The following guidelines are for those interested in showing their work at Artists of Elements:

  1.  Artists of Elements will consider a wide variety of art mediums, original works of art, including, but not limited to, paintings, wood, glass works, sculptures, jewelry, and fabrics. 
  2. Artists must be actively productive and able to adapt and create new work as shows change.
  3. Guest artists are invited to exhibit their creations for the length of one show.
  4. Artists are expected to show art consistent with the quality and medium presented upon acceptance into the AOE community. Hanging pieces must be properly wired, framed, and gallery ready.
  5. Inquiries shall be made by submitting this application and digital images of your work to gallery representatives for consideration.
  6. The gallery is open to the public, therefore no works of provocative or obscene nature will be allowed.
  7. The number of pieces allowed per artist and duration of showing is determined by type of art, and available space.